Gattocel has been producing for over 50 years materials for the building industry.

Today the Company has established a presence in the market with a new line of waterproofing products which includes professional anti-moisture, protective and consolidating systems, as well as liquid membranes.

Other highly specialised products such as primers, additives and adhesives complete the range of our products, offering advanced solutions for building conservation and recovery.

Gattocel is international, as our produce has worldwide buyers, particularly in the euro-mediterranean area

A dynamic, professional and ever improving. A winning attitude which has brought Gattocel to become a referring point for building operators.



Our mission is to apply our technical expertise on building products which allow safe, long lasting, confortable and healthy living.

Gattocel's Research and Development Department creates products with highly innovative and performing qualities. Our production undergoes several and rigid controls, assuring constant and high quality standards.

Cradle to grave Technical assistance throughout the various steps of production and sale completes our operational virtuous path.

Gattocel's state of the art perating standard also mean that we try hard to be environmentally friendly and and respectful of our workers safety. This is why gattocel has over the last years been operating according to an integrated Environmental Quality System under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Moreover, the company has received aid from the Fondo di Garanzia per le PMI according to Law 662/96 art.2 paragraph 100 letter A.